Prince’s story

Prince case studyPrince works at the Royal Automobile Club in the heart of London’s Mayfair, where he started in November 2012.

Having completed a work placement, Prince is now a commis waiter in The Brooklands Room restaurant.  Prince heard of Galvin’s Chance through his probation officer and applied when he was 20 years old.  He had been job searching for a while but unable to find anything.  He had had a previous job in retail when he was 16 years old but he had found no employment since release from prison. Prince says:

“Working here has opened my eyes – I have ambitions now to be more than a commis I want to be pushed and move up to the next level. Sometimes it’s so busy in here so much going on it’s like my head is broiled but I’m getting used to it. To be honest it has been difficult …its not easy to completely change your life it’s a challenge and difficult to cope sometimes with outside pressures but if I hadn’t done this I would be dead. It’s saved my life. This whole experience has made me feel different inside. It’s good to see that pay cheque at the end of month and know that I’ve earned that through hard work. It makes you want to hold on to it rather than just blow it all in a day. The whole Galvin’s Chance programme is great as it gives people like me an opportunity – people who have always been on the outside and brings them into the community. I always felt I was on the outside you know? Now I feel part of something. If I hadn’t done it I’d be dead – I really believe that, ten of my friends have died no exaggeration it’s hard out there.  I’m now a stronger person with something to live for.”

Clement Joseph is the Restaurant Manager at The Brooklands for The Royal Automobile Club. He says:

“We’ve been really tough on Prince, and the first month was always going to be hard but he’s come through it and he’s bright and has taken a real interest in food and shown real curiosity to learn more. He’ll be fine, he’s got what it takes”.