Amy’s story

In 2015 Amy joined 18 other young people on the Galvin’s Chance programme. Over three weeks the cohort undertook hospitality training, industry visits with employer partners, and mentoring sessions to develop their confidence and key employability skills, before their two-week work placements.

Amy first heard about Galvin’s Chance through her probation officer. Amy was working in a pub but knew she wanted a role where she could progress, and she was referred to Galvin’s Chance. Amy was impressed with how committed everyone who was running programme was to supporting young people into work and she decided she wanted to take part.

Following three weeks of training, Amy spent two weeks at the Duck and Waffle restaurant in London and after successfully completing the placement, she was offered her first kitchen job there. At first Amy found everything new and unknown but with the right attitude it became easier. Amy soon loved her job. During her first year at Duck and Waffle, Amy developed her skills and experiences and had several promotions.

However she soon felt ready to progress further so got in touch with Galvin’s Chance again. The team helped her to set up interviews and work trials, including one at The Goring hotel. Impressed by Amy’s performance, the head chef offered her a job as a commis chef. Amy recognised that this role was a great opportunity for her and accepted.

As a commis chef, Amy was tasked with many difficult jobs and found it hard at the start. But with her can-do attitude, Amy learnt many new skills and increasingly enjoyed her time in the kitchen. After a year Amy received her bonus and was soon promoted to demi chef. Three months later she was promoted again, this time to Chef de Partie, her current role.

Now in charge of a section of the kitchen, Amy makes all the sauces, does the butchery, cooks the meats and assists the senior chefs to run the service. She also leads a team of chefs, who she enjoys teaching and supporting through their mistakes. Amy shared that she is growing more every day.

Working at The Goring has provided Amy with many unique opportunities and experiences, including cooking for the Queen and celebrities. Amy was also approached by her chef to take part in the hotel’s own employment project supporting homeless people into work. Working with programme participants, Amy teaches them key skills in preparation for their own work placements.

Galvin’s Chance recognised Amy’s potential and gave her a chance to change her life with the programme. Not only was Amy able to develop the skills and industry experience to start a career in hospitality, but also the attitude to work hard, be willing to learn new things and keep trying. Amy is really enjoying her current role as Chef de Partie with its many opportunities to learn, try new experiences and progress in her career. Looking ahead Amy aspires to work abroad one day.

Amy recently joined fellow Galvin’s Chance alumni to share their experiences with young people at our 2018 Recruitment Day. Amy encouraged the future candidates to “set goals and smash them. Then set more goals!”